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Talos meaning and name origin

In Greek mythology, Talos (/ˈtɑːlɵs/; Greek: Τάλως, Talōs) or Talon (/ˈtɑːlɵn/; Greek: Τάλων, Talōn) was a giant man of bronze who protected Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders by circling the island's shores three times daily while guarding it.

In the Cretan dialect, talôs was the equivalent of the Greek hêlios, the Sun: the lexicon of Hesychius of Alexandria notes simply "Talos is the Sun". In Crete Zeus was worshipped as Zeus Tallaios, "Solar Zeus", absorbing the earlier god as an epithet in the familiar sequence. The god was identified with the Tallaia, a spur of the Ida range in Crete. On the coin from Phaistos (illustration) he is winged; in Greek vase-paintings and Etruscan bronze mirrors he is not. The ideas of Talos vary widely, with one consistent detail: in Greek imagery outside Crete, Talos is always being vanquished: he seems to have been an enigmatic figure to the Greeks themselves.

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Latest news on Talos
Late September we received a call from a German woman in Plakias who had been feeding a donkey tied to a tree near her home since May. The owner never came near it to give food or water and it was not possible for her to take care of the donkey any longer as she was travelling abroad.
We collected Talos two days later, a large black donkey with sad eyes and a very kind gentle nature, he settled in immediately enjoying the company of the other donkeys at the sanctuary.  Talos is very friendly and loves to follow visitors around nudging them for pats and cuddles...we are so happy this lovely big hero has joined our sanctuary

Talos is described by Greeks as either a gift from Hephaestus to Minos, forged with the aid of the Cyclopes in the form of a bull[8] or a gift from Zeus to Europa. Or he may have been the son of Kres, the personification of Crete; In Argonautica Talos threw rocks at any approaching ship to protect his island. In the Byzantine encyclopedia called the Suda, Talos is said, when the Sardinians did not wish to release him to Minos, to have heated himself – by jumping into a fire and to have clasped them in his embrace.

Talos had one vein, which went from his neck to his ankle, bound shut by only one bronze nail. The Argo, transporting Jason and the Argonauts, approached Crete after obtaining the Golden Fleece. As guardian of the island, Talos kept the Argo at bay by hurling great boulders at it. According to the pseudo-Apollodorus' Bibliotheke, Talos was slain when Medea the sorceress either drove him mad with drugs, or deceived him into believing that she would make him immortal by removing the nail. In Argonautica, Medea hypnotized him from the Argo, driving him mad with the keres she raised, so that he dislodged the nail, and "the ichor ran out of him like molten lead", exsanguinating and killing him. Peter Green, translator of Argonautica, notes that the story is somewhat reminiscent of the story regarding the heel of Achilles.

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the tree he was tied to10/2013 A very warm welcome and a good roll to our new donkey TALOS who was rescued over the weekend from Plakias after being tied to a tree without food or water since May...many thanks to the kind lady Eva who visited, fed and watered daily him to keep him alive..
TALOS is a very big black donkey, our biggest yet since Melina...he has been named after the Mythical bronze giant TALOS who was the protector of Crete...he roamed the Cretan shores throwing boulders at Argonaut ships to keep them from landing here ...
May 1 2014
Talos is our 'gentle giant'...last year we received a call from a friend in Plakias who had found a donkey tied to a tree, left without food or water. They were feeding Talos but were not staying much longer and were very worried about his wellbeing.
We went to Plakias and brought the donkey to the sanctuary, we named him Talos who in Ancient Greece was the mythical giant and guardian of Crete, he kept all the enemy ships and solidiers away by throwing huge boulders at it was a very apt name indeed for our gentle giant donkey who is the largest donkey in the herd at over 16 hands with a huge head...
Talos just loves attention and always pushes his way to the front to get the most pats and rubs...and of course anything else on offer like carrots, bisquits or apples.
Talos is not at all aggressive so you need never fear that he will bite or kick ....he also fancies himself as bit of a 'ladies man' or should we say ' jennies man' and loves to chase the female donkeys around the field...until he is told to 'get lost' with a swift kick or bite then he takes the hint and gives up...
Talos is a very loved member of the herd and we hope he will stay with us for many years to come