Stefanos meaning and name origin
Stefanos is a male Greek name deriving from the Greek word “Stefani” which means crown and garland. Stefanos is a name commonly used in Greece, both in its male and female version (Stefania) and is the Greek respective of name Stephen.  Name Stefanos is celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church to commemorate Agios Stefanos (St Stephen), one of the most important personalities of the Christian Religion. Agios Stefanos was a deacon, the first man chosen as deacon to help the Christians and their common meals – the meals of love as they were called. Stefanos was a man known for his strong faith and his urge to help, and he preached the words of God.
According to the Scripts, Stefanos was a very gifted man, able to respond to every doubt, every feeling of distrust towards God and Christ. This is a reason why his contemporaries considered him a menace for the status quo. Stefanos denoted the weaknesses of people in Judea and tried to show them the way to become better people. People of Judea were not ready to accept this and stoned Stefanos to death. Stefanos is regarded as the First Christian Martyr.

Nameday:  December 27
Stefanos is a reserved man and quite introverted; he is though quite brave and he is ready to fight for his beliefs when it is necessary.

Stefanos story & photo gallery
2017: A new donkey joined our sanctuary yesterday.. A very handsome boy with a nice story.   Since he was a young donkey he lived in a small village on the slopes of Mt. Psiloritis. Crete.   On top of a hill nearby was a monastery with just a narrow path leading up to it.   The donkey's job was to carry supplies to the monastery when required. He had done this for so many years that he would go alone up the track to the monastery, be unloaded and then return to his village, all by himself.   Now he is enjoying his retirement with many new friends and a lot of love 

Agia Marina Donkey Rescue
Thank you to everyone who so warmly welcomed our new donkey Stefanos.
 He had a great first day...
 as you can see he has been soaked by on and off showers all day.. rolled in the mud, been chased by very flirtatious Ero, and decided to take over Apollo's food barrel watched by Naomi who thinks he's