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Socrates' story & photo gallery
Socrates is a real character with a wonderful loving nature and full of personality.  If he was a huma he would be a joker :-)
Socrates comes from a small village called Moulia in the Messara.  He was owned by an elderly widow and her mentally disabled adult son.  Donkeys require a lot of food to keep them healthy and they were unable to take him out to graze each day or to care for him so they asked us to come and take him away.
Socrates is aged around 35 years old, he's a very handsome donkey and his colour is rich chestnut 
Socrates meaning and name origin
Sokratis or Socrates is a male Greek name, known since the antiquity. Name Sokratis derives from the word “sozo” which means “to save” and “kratos” which means “the state”, therefore, Sokratis is the man who saves the state.
The Ancient Greek name Sokratis is associated with the great Greek philosopher Socrates, one of the seven wise men of the antiquity.
Sokratis is an ancient Greek name, however, in the Orthodox Calendar it is associated with Agios Sokratis a priest who lived during the 3rd century AD.
St Sokratis was preaching the word of God, having an important helper, a woman named Theodoti. Theodoti was preparing pagan women and was bringing them to Sokratis, who was teaching them everything about the new religion, baptizing them Christians. However, their actions became known and the pagan rulers had them both arrested and decapitated.
The Greek Orthodox Church declared Sokratis and Theodoti saints, and celebrates the nameday of St Sokratis and St Theodoti on October 21.

Nameday of Socrates: April 17th and October 21st
​Sokratis is a very interesting man, always well informed. He is usually very well educated and he likes reading and talking, exchanging views on different things. Sokratis can be an excellent listener and a man to discuss problems.
arriving at the Sanctuary
meeting the herd
enjoying his freedom
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