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Persephoni meaning and name origin

Περσεφονη, Persephone or Persefoni is a Greek female name, which is relatively uncommon nowadays.
Persephone is an ancient Greek name whose meaning is not known. According to some theories, it is related to the Greek word περθω (pertho), which means “to destroy” and φονη (phone) which means”murder”.
In Greek mythology Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus. She was abducted to the underworld by Hades, but was eventually allowed to return to the surface for part of the year. The result of her comings and goings is the changing of the seasons – winter and spring.
Persephone is included in the Calendar of the Greek Orthodox Church since it is associated with Agia Persi (St Persi) or Persida.
We do not have enough information about this name except a reference in the calendar Delehaye and the Parisian Codex on the 24th of September.

Nameday: 24th of September.

Persephone is a woman with an inclination to arts and culture. She is considered a naive person and rather unreliable when it comes to a professional career, because she tends to follow her own opinion.

Persephoni's story & photo gallery
Latest news on Persephoni
Persephoni was left tied to a pole without food or water, just a few dried bread scraps, not far from the sanctuary, it was mid winter and she had no shelter from rain or sun.
We managed to locate the owner and offer to bring her to the sanctuary but the owner siad he wanted to keep her and said he would 'stable' her which he did in a dark dank old stable...

Over the last two years we have continued to visit Persephoni with the Donkey Outreach teams and help her as much as possible.  June 2013 we were told that there was an old donkey wandering on the road near the village of Petrokefali and was in danger of being hit by a car, we went to see and brought her back immediately recognising her. We rang the owner who told us he no longer wanted her so Persephoni stayed with us :-)
A tiny, very shy timid little donkey who has had very little if any at all human contact but is slowly becoming more trusting and enjoying the freedom from ropes and lonely dark stables.. when she arrived her hooves were in such a terrible state she found walking very difficult, we called our farrier Aris who came out and trimmed them down which must have been a huge relief for Persephoni and now she walks with ease.