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Pasiphai meaning and name origin

In Greek mythology, Pasiphaë  Greek: Πασιφάη Pasipháē, "wide-shining") was the daughter of Helios, the Sun, by the eldest of the Oceanids, Perse.
Like her two siblings, Aeetes and Kirke, she possessed the powers of witchcraft (pharmakeia).

Pasiphae wed King Minos of Krete, and bore him a number of sons and daughters. However, as punishment for some offence against the gods committed either by herself or her husband, she was cursed with the desire to be coupled with the king's finest bull. The Queen conscripted the great artisan Daidalos to assist her in the endeavour, and he built for her a hollow wooden cow, wrapped in a bovine skin and endowed with mechanical life. Hiding herself inside this contraption she conceived and bore a hybrid child, the bull-headed Minotauros. Pasiphae's husband Minos also proved unfaithful. When the Queen learned of his indiscretions she cast a spell on him which caused him to ejaculate poisoned creatures and so destroy his lovers. Pasiphae herself, being an immortal, was alone immune. Minos was eventually cured by the Athenian girl Prokris who devised a remedy for his strange afflication.
Pasiphae was an early Kretan moon-goddess, similar to the classical Selene. Both her taurine lover and her Minotaur son, who was also named Asterios (the starry one), were associated with the constellation Taurus.
In mainland Greece, Pasiphaë was worshipped as an oracular goddess at Thalamae, one of the original koine of Sparta. The geographer Pausanias describes the shrine as small, situated near a clear stream, and flanked by bronze statues of Helios and Pasiphaë. His account also equates Pasiphaë with Ino and the lunar goddess Selene.

Derived from Greek πασιφαής (pasiphaēs) meaning "shining on all", which is ultimately derived from Greek πᾶς (pas) meaning "all, for all, of all" combined with Greek φάος (phaos) meaning "light" (related to Greek φῶς (phos) "light"). 

Nameday: unknown

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