Olympia's story & photo gallery
Summer 2019: Not much is knowns of Olympia's past apart from that she was used for work for many years.  This gentle, quiet brown donkey is aged around 35 years.  Cretan donkeys are used mainly in the mountain villages for jobs such as carrying sacks of olives, firewood, people, water and vegetables.  Olympia was not in a good condition when she arrived at the sanctuary in June 2019.  Her mouth had large weeping sores caused by a misfitting, rusty old mouthpiece. Her legs were very badly fly bitten causing bleeding open wounds.  A month after her arrival, her wounds have healed and are hardly visible now;  She is a friendly quiet donkey, who enjoys the company of the other donkeys

Olympia meaning and name origin

Feminine form of the Greek Olympios (of Olympus, the mountain in northern Greece that was the home of the gods in Greek mythology). Olympia was the name of a plain in ancient Elis in western Peloponnesus which was sacred to the Greek gods. Olympia was considered the sanctuary of Zeus, and contained the Doric temples of Hera and Zeus, along with many other magnificent treasures and architectural structures. It was also the site of the ancient Olympic games.

Nameday: May 11

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