Naomi meaning and name origin

​NOEMIN Νωεμιν f Biblical Greek
Form of NAOMI (1) used in the Greek Old Testament
'Noemi' is a Biblical character. When she lost her husband and her sons, she changed her name to 'Mara' (from the Hebraic 'Marah' meaning 'unhappy, sad', opposed to 'Noemi' which means 'joy, happiness').

Naomi's story & photo gallery
2015: Naomi & Pericles were both rescued some years ago by a woman in Sitia, Crete.  She was no longer able to care for them so we brought them both to the Sanctuary in July.  Naomi is aged around 30 years.  She is blind in one eye and failing sight in the good eye.  She also suffers from arthritis in her hips and needs a special diet and medication.  Naomi is a quiet donkey who keeps to herself but enjoys attention.

arriving together with Naomi
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue