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Nafsika meaning and name origin
Nausicaa (Greek: Ναυσικάα or Ναυσικᾶ, pronounced [na͜ʊsikâ]; also Nausicaä, Nausikaa) is a character in Homer's Odyssey. She is the daughter of King Alcinous (Αλκίνοος, Alkínoös) and Queen Arete of Phaeacia. Her name, in Greek, means "burner of ships"

In Book Six of the Odyssey, Odysseus is shipwrecked on the coast of the island of Scheria. Nausicaä and her handmaidens go to the sea-shore to wash clothes. Awoken by their games, Odysseus emerges from the forest completely naked, scaring the servants away, and begs Nausicaä for aid. Nausicaä gives Odysseus some of the laundry to wear, and takes him to the edge of the town. Realizing that rumors might arise if Odysseus is seen with her, she and the servants go ahead into town. But first she advises Odysseus to go directly to Alcinous' house and make his case to Nausicaä's mother, Arete. Arete is known as wiser even than Alcinous, and Alcinous trusts her judgments. Odysseus approaches Arete, wins her approval, and is received as a guest by Alcinous.  During his stay, Odysseus recounts his adventures to Alcinous and his court. This recounting forms a substantial portion of the Odyssey. Alcinous then generously provides Odysseus with the ships that finally bring him home to Ithaca.  Nausicaä is young and very pretty; Odysseus says that she resembled a goddess, particularly Artemis. Nausicaä is known to have several brothers. According to Aristotle and Dictys of Crete, Nausicaä later married Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, and had a son named Perseptolis or Ptoliporthus

Nameday: unknown

Nafsika' s story & photo gallery
2014: After a call from an elderly man in a small mountain village we found a very sad donkey owner and a thin donkey needing care. Kurios  (Mr.) Stavros recently spent 15 days in hospital, before he left he asked his family to look after his beloved donkey. When Kr.Stavros came out of hospital this week he was saddened and angry to find his donkey tied to a tree without food or water and her legs raw, bleeding and swollen

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from fly bites. The donkey named Nafsika is now with us at the sanctuary, enjoying the freedom of the field, the company of the other donkeys and having treament for her leg sores....

Kr. Stavros bringing his donkey Nafsika to be brought to the sanctuaryA sad day after so many years togetherFlies have badly bitten Nafsika's legs and they are raw, she also has a mite infectionWhen a new rescue donkey arrives at the sanctuary it is always a big event and a big change for the new donkey, most have been tethered all their lives and then suddenly they are free...they often spend days just running and exploring, then they learn to trust.. and they belong