Lilly's story & photo gallery

Summer 2019: Earlier this year we had a call from Koropi, a suburb North of Athens, to say a female donkiey had been rescued from a gypsy who had been beating her.  The rescuers were unable to keep the donkey due to lack of space and knowledge of care....were we able to take her?
We agreed to take the donkey and immediately arranged for her pick up.  Sadly it took many more months oof paperwork as the donkey had originally been stolen.  Finally after months of anxiously waiting and worry, Lilly arrived here on the overnight ferryboat from Athens.  We were delighted to welcome her at last.  The name Lilly has a specdal meaning to our family as we lost a dearly loved dog aged 16 years, her name was also Lilly.  She has already made a lot of donkey friends here and is settling in very well.  She loves visitors and cuddles and of course treats like carrots and apples too!

Lilly meaning and name origin

The popularity of the name increased steadily in most English-speaking countries during the late 20th century. ... The name is derived from the flower, whose meaning is "pure", "passion" and "rebirth". Lily can be short for Lillian, Liliana or Lilith. It might be from the Greek word "louloudi" which means flower.  For us, it reminds us of our beloved family dog Lilly....

Nameday:  unknown
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue
Lilly's luxury transport via ship from Pireaus, many thanks to Yiannis Vassiliou and driver Alexandros.
making friends with Kassandra, we wish her luck !!
Lilly, our beautiful Kurìa from Athens is now a full fledged member of the Agia Marina Donkey herd after being dewormed, deliced, brushed to take off old hair in the heat, and fringed for annoying flies.
But most important of all her necklace with beautiful name Lilly.....
beautiful Lilly