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Lemoni meaning and name origin
From Greek λεμόνι (Lemoni), meaning lemon in Greek.  She's also a character in Captain Corelli's mandoline :-)

Nameday: 28th of November
​Lemoni has a generous quality to hernature, but she must guard carefully against giving more than she receives or she will find herself doing without because she has  helped someone else.  Lemoni loves people, family, home, and friends and tries to be a parent to the whole human race
Lemoni & Rhèa's story & photo gallery
Lemoni was found in the mountains together with another female donkey and a stallion.  After extensive enquiries they were still unclaimed and we were asked to bring them to the Sanctuary.  Lemoni arrived with antoher female donkey we names Alkioni.  The stallion was taken to another home.  Lemoni is a female donkey aged around 4 years and possibly with foal but we will not know for several months yet.  She's a very sweet character but is still very shy and frightened of human contact.  We are slowly working on this and she is gaining more confidence each day.  She is dark brown with white markings and has stripes on her legs which are very typical of the North African dessert donkeys.

Our brave beautiful rescue donkey Lemonì gave birth to gorgeous grey female foal last night..they are both very well.
 Needless to say are over the moon
Four day old Rhèa thinks mama's freshly harvested feed smells good
...but her milk tastes even better
 Our brave beautiful rescue donkey Lemonì gave birth to a gorgeous grey female foal ..they are both very well.
 Needless to say are over the moon 

Rhèa meaning and name origin
Rea or Rhèa is a female Greek name; it is actually an ancient Greek name, quite common in the antiquity due to its significance. Rea or Rhèa derives from the Greek word “reo” which means to flow.  In Greek mythology Rhèa was a Titan, the wife of Cronus, and the mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. The myths involving Rhea and Cronus are very interesting.  
The most known myth refers to the birth of Zeus: Cronus was fearful of his children, because he knew that one of his sons would take his place as the god of Gods; so he swallowed them upon birth, but when Zeus was born, Rhèa fed her husband a stone instead, dressed as a newborn baby.  Zeus survived hidden in a cave in Crete and when he grew up, he destroyed Cronus with Rhèa’s help.

Nameday: N/A. Rea is one of these ancient Greek names that don’t have a nameday in the Orthodox Calendar.
Rhèa likes good and rich life, traveling and having fun. Financial stability and safety are very important to her, so she chooses a lucrative profession, or a rich husband
April 22 2018
One day old Rhèa feeling very sleepy and relaxed