Erofili's story & photo gallery
Spring 2019: We welcomed an elderly 'Kuria' ( lady ) to the sanctuary...a very sweet shy girl, and partially blind, but this is very normal on the first day, to be shy.  It's been a very difficult winter 2019 with endless storms and rain and much colder than many can remember a winter here on Crete. 
Erofìli ( pronounced.. E- ro- fee- lee ) had some problems as she was very undernourished and nervous.  Erofìli has been wormed and is eating extra nourishing dry feed with supplements in the mornings and hay in the evenings.  The change is starting to show results, she is less nervous about being handled and has already started to gain a little weight.

Erofili meaning and name origin

The name Erofili is of Greek origin and means "Goddess of love".  It is mainly used in the Greek Island of Crete.  There is a well known Greek poem with the name Erofili.  The name is the combination of two words "Eros" and "filos".  "Eros" is the Greek name for the god of love and "filos" means friend.   Erofili, also spelled as Erophile (Greek: Ερωφίλη), is also the most famous and often performed tragedy of the Cretan theater. It was written around 1600 in Rethymno in Crete (then a Venetian colony) by Georgios Chortatzis and first published in 1637 in Venice, probably after Chortatzis' death.   Along with Erotokritos, a long romantic poem, Erofili stands at the apogee of the Cretan Renaissance literature. It became a popular read in several Greek-speaking regions and parts of it were even orally passed from generation to generation. 

Nameday: unknown
Erofili is usually higly flexible and well equipped to making and accepting change throughout her life.  They Always seek excitement and are sometimes a bit of a risk-taker.  They are imaginative, and often are able to solve complex problems with ease.  They are quick thinkers and observers who are clever, analytical and versatile
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rofili is now in the stable and we are trying to get her better. She has very decayed and few teeth which does not help either ( our dentist is not coming this Spring )
Yesterday we started her on Probiotic powder, given in between toasted bread made of Zeas flour with yogurt & honey which helps the