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Elefterios meaning and name origin
Eleftherios is a rather common male name. It is one of the Greek names whose origins are a usual subject of controversy among Christians and historians; historians denote that the name Eleftherios and its female respective Eleftheria derive from the ancient Greek word eleftheros which means free and eleftheria which means freedom respectively. The Christians on the other hand usually mention only Agios Eleftherios (Saint Eleftherios, the Christian Saint commemorated by the Greek Orthodox Church)  as the source of name Eleftherios. The word and the name have been known to Greece long before the Christian religion though.

Nameday: 15th of December.
Eleftherios is an active and outgoing person, great in self employing professions. He loves nature and being outside; he is also very good in team sports.

Lefteris' story & photo gallery
November 15 2012
I took Lefteris and the dogs for a walk yesterday and we actually found some grass, a very rare commodity here at the moment !... he spent the day under a lovely shady olive tree munching away and thoroughly enjoyed himself....

Like with every donkey that comes to our Sanctuary, we give them a new name (goes with the new start they get in life and the fact that most of them are called "donkey" by their previous owner)...we have called him ELEFTHERIOS (Lefteris) Greek for Freedom...he is very lame and his left hoof had an abscess when he came to us. 

When we arrived at the small mountain village of Margarikari the donkey was tied to a trailer beside Manolis, his owner of many yearsOld Manolis said he no longer wanted or neither could afford to feed the donkey and if we didn't take him he would ' take him up into the hills and shoot him and let the vultures finish him offOur new donkey has a new name...we have called him ELEFTHERIOS Greek for Freedom...he is very lame and I think his left hoof has an abscess, tomorrow we start 'recovery therapy'01/2012 : Lefteris is a very lucky donkey, one of our neighbours has a big orchard and ask...ed if we could graze on of our larger, hungrier donkeys there for a few days...06/2012 : Lefteris gives a small visitor a ride...
August 31 2012
And here's Lefteris, our Donkey of the month September
He came from the village Margarikari and his owner said he no longer wanted or neither could afford to feed the donkey and if we didn't take him he would 'take him up into the hills and shoot him' We have called him ELEFTHERIOS Greek for Freedom...he was very lame when he arrived but is doing much better now...

Who wouldn't love a dose of our donkey of the month Lefteris's floppy-lipped cuteness today? ♥
Our small visitor today from Agia Galini/ Germany enjoying a ride on our 'gentle giant' and DONKEY OF THE MONTH...the very handsome LEFTERIS !!
Here's a big Kαλημέρα/goodmorning to all our friends & fans from
our handsome Donkey of the Month Lefteris ♥
"The eyes are the mirror of the soul"
Here is our beautiful soul & Donkey of the Month "Lefteris"
Kalinixta/goodnight to all our fans and supporters. Big kiss and sweet dreams from our handsome Donkey of the month "Lefteris"
Summer 2012
Lefteris has been a model for our poster/postcard & will be the Donkey of the Month in September 2012
December 15 2012
Χρόνια πολλά/Happy name day to our beautiful Anthoula & our handsome Lefteris ♥

June 29 2013
Lefteris always tries to outsmile our visitors...some serious competition going on here with lovely Rosi from Germany
We are very sad to announce that early this evening we lost our lovely boy Lefteris ( Eleftherios =freedom) ....he died suddenly and we believe it was a heart attack.
Lefteris will be laid to rest under an olive tree in the field at the back of the sanctuary with his friends who departed before him..
Rest in peace, run free with the wind know how much you were loved and we will miss you so much