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Agia Marina Donkey Rescue
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Donkey wisdom & quotes

In 2010 and 2014 I was very fortunate to be able to spend a week at the Donkey training Course Centre at the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, England.  The courses were invaluable to our work here with the rescue donkeys and with highly skilled unforgettable experience.
The Donkey  poem

When fishes flew and forests walked 
And figs grew upon thorn, 
Some moment when the moon was blood 
Then surely I was born. 
With monstrous head and sickening cry 
And ears like errant wings, 
The devil's walking parody 
On all four-footed things. 
The tattered outlaw of the earth, 
Of ancient crooked will; 
Starve, scourge, deride me: I am dumb, 
I keep my secret still. 
Fools! For I also had my hour; 
One far fierce hour and sweet: 
There was a shout about my ears, 
And palms before my feet. 

Gone but never forgotten...

These  sweet donkeys each arrived at the Agia Marina Donkey Sanctuary with their own story.  Sadly we already had to say goodbye to some of them.  They each had their character and they will all be missed and in our hearts forever...
MELINA  a big donkey from the village of Moroni, she has worked hard for over 35 yrs pulling a plough and has problems with lameness...
Spirit went together with Agapi, Mavrouka & Dude to a lovely estate in England.  Both him and Dude passed away of old age
PELEGRINO in his 41st year !! a record for donkey age , a real oldtimer from the village of Agia Varvara, he gets tired and grumpy sometimes but we all try to be very kind to him
09 2011 : Pelgrinos passed away early tonight aged 43 yrs. R.I.P. dear old boy, you will be sadly missed ♥
2010 : Ermes died suddenly today, we are all feeling very sad at Agia Marina. We was rescued him three yrs ago after being abandoned and tied to a power pole in knee deep mud for months..Ermes you will be very sadly missed here, R.I.P. dear old boy x
the photo was taken the day he arrived...
Dude went together with Agapi, Mavrouka & Spirit to a lovely estate in England.  Both him and Spirit passed away of old age
“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” … This is what we keep in mind when rescuing yet another donkey, dog or cat. No matter how sad, desperate, frustrating or unfair a situation is, we try our best to give these animals the best new start in their life and forget about their past.
The summer season is starting soon so our Sanctuary will be open for visitors again. During the winter season, we hardly have visitors here and use our time to repair and prepare for the next season. Like every year, we hope to welcome many visitors. There is however another side to this and that is the one of dis-traught visitors seeking help, bewildered by the conditions they witnessed. So-metimes people are demanding that we help and insist it is our duty. They do forget that we have been sacrificing ourselves (time, money, …) for a very long time and that we can’t go back to our comfortable home after the holidays are finished. Of course not all tourists are like this. Some of them will become friends who follow and support us any way they can. Some even adopt an ani-mal and take it home to give them a chance to a better life.
Greece is still struggling and not just the people. Animals are the first ones to be left behind. The streets are full of them and they are not a main concern for the Greek government.
We really need all the support we can get so hopefully there will never be a day where we might have to refuse a donkey simply because there is no more space or money so it can make that big new start in their sad life.
A very big thank you to all our friends, fans & supporters who either donated their time, money or friendship so we can keep helping the Greek donkeys that need our attention and of course that well deserved new start in life