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Athena meaning and name origin

Athina or Athena is a female Greek name whose origins are found in Ancient Greece. The meaning of the name Athina is not known, although there is a theory about it. According to this theory the name comes from the words “ather” which means sharp, and the word “aine” which means praise.

Name Athina is mostly known due to the Goddess Athena (or Athina), the ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom and warfare. Athena was the daughter of mighty Zeus and the Patron Goddess of the city of Athens, the capital of Greece. Athens took its name after its patron Goddess, who gifted her city with the olive tree and the owl. These two are the emblems of both the city of Athens and the Goddess Athena.  Athina was one of the 40 students that were arrested and tortured to death by Licinius, the ruler of Thrace because of their faith. The women refused to pray and believe in pagan symbols, and were executed for their beliefs. The Greek Orthodox church celebrates their nameday of Athina on September 1st, along with other names such as Antigoni, Afroditi and more.

Nameday: September 1

Athena's story & photo gallery
Latest news on Athena
Athena is a very hard working donkey, a typical village donkey whose daily task is carrying loads of olives, firewood, vegatables and more a weighty owner.   In November 2014 Athena was 'retired' as her owner had bought a new younger donkey.  In the typical Cretan way she was put 'out to graze'  tied to tree on the mountain slopes, the tree changed every 15 days or so.  Athena's owner who is old and almost crippled,

unable to visit her often asked if we would bring her to the sanctuary, of course we agreed happy to give her a loving home.
Sadly we heard that she had broken loose and was missing for several weeks, due to bad weather and snow we were unable to find her until we had news from a local shepherd that she had been seen half way up Mt. Kartelos but sadly we were unable to reach her due to the road being closed by rocks after a landslide.  Fortunately the local council came to the rescue and cleared the road with a grader so that we could pass with our trailer and bring Athena to the safety of the sanctuary.  Here she is thriving, enjoying good food, love and care and of course the company of our large herd of rescue donkeys.

Athina is a very curious person, who likes working on several things at the same time. She is a good hostess and likes having an open house for her friends often.
It's been a long day,with the valuable help of a local shepherd we managed to find Athena who was half way up the Mt. Kartalos in the distance, we walked her slowly down as she was tired, disorientated, thirsty,her hooves in bad condition then put her in the trailer which is ideal for terrible roadsAthena is settling in very well, this morning she ate breakfast with the rest of the herd, we took the old bridle & nose chain off. This morning she had a good brushing which she really enjoyed but would not let me touch her legs...ala, siga - siga