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Artemis meaning and name origin

Meaning unknown, possibly related either to Greek αρτεμης (artemes) "safe" or αρταμος (artamos) "a butcher". Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, the twin of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She is known by several names: Munychia; Artemis of Ephesus; Diana [Roman]; Artume [Etruscan], Mythology Cynthia [from her birthplace on Mt. Cyntus], and Phoebe. She is the goddess of the chase, the hunt, the night, fruitfulness, childbirth, woodland wilderness, dance/play, the bull, fertility, the virgin moon, healing, chastity, virginity, war, mothers, foster mothers, and health. She is the mistress of wild beasts and war.  Assisted her mother in the delivery of her twin Apollo.   Artemis, though certainly beautiful enough to attract several gods, was the goddess of virginity, and childbirth, not mothers. She was also the patroness of young women and children.  She, as the goddess of the hunt, was not very feminine. She was wild and independent, and was not interested in men. She acted in a way most people would refer to as tomboyish. She wore short skirts to free her legs for movement. 

Nameday: October 20th 

Artemi's story & photo gallery
2015: Artemis was a working donkey.  Her owner was known as a very hard woman and was not very kind at all.   When Artemis could no longer work due to her great age, she was left tied to a post without food or water and in the hot sun.  We were notified the owner was warned that if she did not start to care for her animals, then they would be taken away.  Two days later she called and asked us to come and take her donkey.
Artemis was so thin when she came to the Sanctuary.  Her legs were raw with fly bites.  We bathed her, gave her worming medication and treated her legs which were covered weeping in sores.  Three weeks later after being on a specially nourishing diet and kind treatment, Artemis had gained weight and was looking really good.  She has a very gentle nature and loves the company of her donkey brothers and sisters.

Fanis goes up to the mountain village where she has been tied to a pole for many days with little food or water to bring Artemis home
a  warm welcome & a big hug is waiting for Artemis
After a night spent freely wandering for the first time in her many years Artemis had her nose chain removed ( see scars on her nose from years of rubbing) and enjoyed her first breakfast with the herd. Later she had a refreshing hose down and was she's feeling good
she meets the rest of the herd and then has a roll, for the first time in her life she is free from ropes
Sofia gives Artemis a sponge bath and she just loves the attention. Elderly donkeys are not so good at aiming !! This dear old donkey suffered many years of abuse and hard work from an ungrateful owner but the remainder of her years will now be full of love and care
And newly rescued Artemis, with her rapidly expanding belly, thinks all this digging of holes and concrete mixing & pouring is great fun !!