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Agia Marina Donkey Rescue

Ariadni meaning and name origin
Ariadni is a female Greek name, whose origins are found in Ancient Greece.
The ancient Greek name Ariadni (Ariadne, Αριάδνη in Greek) derives from the combination of words “ari” which means “a lot” and “adni” which is the same as “agni” and means pure. Ariadni is therefore the purest.
Origin of name Ariadni – Agia Ariadni (St Ariadni)
Ariadni was a woman who lived during the years of reign of Adrian and Antoninus in Frigia. (117-139AD).
She was a servant who became Christian. When her master Tertilus found out he put pressure on her to become a pagan again.  However, Ariadni insisted on her Christian faith and it was impossible to convince her otherwise. Then she was brutally beaten and tortured and when she still refused, they scratched her flesh with metal nails. She left the house of her master to avoid things getting worse, but she fell from a cliff and died.
The Orthodox Church declared her a saint and celebrates the nameday of Ariadni on September 18th.
Ariadni in Greek Mythology
Ariadni is mostly known due to the Greek mythology, since she was the daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus kill the Minotaur and find his way out of the Labyrinth using a thread.

Nameday: 18th of September.
Ariadni is an intense woman that doesn’t go unnoticed. She loves traveling and she is a very creative person. She is ambitious and she can be very insecure when she does not have any money.

Ariadni's story & photo gallery
Latest news on Ariadni
We had an urgent call from the nearby mountain village of Zaros end of December 2012, asking us to come and pick up a donkey belonging to a man who 'no longer needed her and if we didn't come immediately and pick her up ''... I'll hang her from a tree" which we didn't believe for a moment but the man has a history of mental instabilty so the sooner we brought her over the better ! We do not have a trailer of our own and usually borrow one from friends, this can be difficult as trailers are often being used for horse transport or in this case one was being used and the other had a flat tyre which we fixed so we could finally pick this beautiful lady up so she can enjoy her freedom at our Sanctuary

Waiting to be collected from a field in the mountains...she was so happy to see us walking towards her and started braying...Saying goodbye to her elderly owner Nikos...Ariadni is a very pretty girl with a thick fawn coloured coat and a dark brown cross on her back...putting her on the trailerNow safely back at the Agia Marina Sanctuary and free to run and roll with no ropes and many friends...ARIADNI...arrived yesterday at the sanctuary and is settling in very well. After a good brushing this morning and hooves cleaned out she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the attention while Phaedra, Pandora & Lefteris patiently wait their turn...
January 6 2013
Our newest rescue donkey little Ariadni who arrived this week is settling in well and feeling very much at enjoying her breakfast....

January 31 2013
ARIADNI is a very small spirited donkey from the beautiful mountain village of Zaros..When she arrived at our sanctuary a month ago she was so happy to be free after being tied to ropes all her life. When we graze our donkeys in the open, unfenced olive groves for the day we tie them with very long leads to the trees for the day otherwise they will wander off and get into all sorts of trouble. Ariadni is very happy to be outside in the sunshine today grazing..just look at those wonderful ears !!

March 26 2013
The common myth here that donkey are 'stupid' is a very big mistake..
They may be stubborn but 'stupid' they are not..
Ariadni knows only too well how to open gates and go walk about to greener fields.
Luckily she was soon spotted by friends in the nearby village of Kouses with a very full stomach and looking very pleased with herself.
Here we are walking back to the sanctuary where her old friends gave her a hero's welcome :-)

January 1 2014
Ariadni was owned by an old man in mountain village of Zaros...
she worked hard carrying sacks of olives and firewood as well as her owner.
In 2012 there was a festival being held in the village for Karnival...the start of the 40 day Greek Orthodox Easter Lent, they used Ariadni as an exhibition dressing her up in silly clothes,a hat and huge sunglasses sadly there were many fireworks and Ariadni became very alarmed, panicked and fell into a wide open drain on the side of the road.
Her owner was very angry and beat her to try to get her to stand up, other people watching the parade stopped him and helped Ariadni out of the drain...The owner said 'the donkey is blind and crazy... I'm going to hang her from a tree'
The people who helped her contacted us to ask if we would bring Ariadni to our sanctuary...naturally we agreed and now she lives a peaceful and happy life with the company of many other donkeys and lot's of love.

It has been a very sad and stressful past month at the sanctuary, Iason ( Jason) fell during the night and although we were able to get him up his legs were too weak to carry his weight...Our dear old donkey crossed the Rainbow Bridge this evening and is at peace now.   Iason was left tied to our gate some years ago by the local donkey dealer deemed 'unsaleable' he was a skeleton of a donkey but thrived here, he was a gentle soul and dearly loved by all who knew him... Iason you will be very sadly missed.  While we are all still mourning the sudden passing of our beloved Iason Ariadni was in a critical condition after a suspected stroke, Anthoula was also still unwell and causing us a lot of worry but Afroditi and Talos seem to be bouncing back after a lot of TLC ( tender loving care ).  A couple of days later, another of our 'Golden Oldies' has crossed over the rainbow bridge..our beautiful Ariadni collapsed on a Tuesday after her suspected stroke. Despite all our efforts it was her time to leave us..Ariadni spent two happy, healthy & peaceful years here after her previous owner had threatened to kill her.   And last but not least,  our Anthoula/ Blossom has gone to join all her friends at the Rainbow Bridge, she ate some apple this morning then lay down in her stable, we tried to help her up again but it was not to be. At 16.00 closed her eyes and breathed her last breath while we talked to her and stroked her head....R.I.P. sweet little donkey.
It's been such a sad month for us all. Fanis spoke to a wise old Cretan Shepherd last night who said ' Just before the short but cold Cretan winter Mother Nature takes many of the old & sick animals away so that they will not suffer anymore '