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Aretousa meaning and name origin
From Arethusa  (Ancient Greek: Ἀρέθουσα) means "the waterer". In Greek mythology, she was a nymph and daughter of Nereus (making her a Nereid),[1] who fled from her home in Arcadia beneath the sea and came up as a fresh water fountain on the island of Ortygia in Syracuse, Sicily.  

From Erotokritos (Greek: Ἐρωτόκριτος) : a romance composed by Vikentios (Vitsentzos, "Vincenzo", Vincent) Kornaros in early 17th century Crete.  The poet narrates the trials and tribulations suffered by two young lovers, Erotokritos and Aretousa, daughter of Heracles, King of Athens.  They fell in love and he was sent into exile by the King.

Nameday: December 1st

Areti is a woman who, as her name implies, likes to be fair and honest. She doesn’t like hiding things and she is dedicated to her family and friends.  Areti features just a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are, Aretousa and Aretoula

Aretousa's story & photo gallery
2018 01: We were informed by local shepherds that there was a donkey roaming free for weeks in the mountains, and has very possibly been abandoned. The temps up there were freezing at that time of year so we were hoping to find her alive.  Just before sundown we found her and brought her to the Sanctuary.  She is not used to human contact and very shy will all take time.  Her name is Aretousa after a well known Cretan ancient myth... Aretousa was the daughter of a king who fell in love with a commoner called Erotokritos who was sent into exile by the King.  Aretousa ( the donkey ) is tiny about 10 hands high and very pretty. We are so happy we were able to rescue her and she is safely here with us.