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Antigoni meaning and name origin
Antigone or Antigoni is a common female name, whose origins are found in Ancient Greece. There are two theories about the meaning of the name; according to the first it means the unbending, as it comes from the word anti-, which means opposite to, and –gon, which means the corner and the bend. According to the second theory, which is the most popular name Antigone means “instead of mother”, as “gone” in ancient Greek means
In Greek mythology Antigone was most famously the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta (the accidental mother-son union). When her brother Polynikes died in battle she opposed her uncle Kreon (then king of Thebes and her lawful guardian) by insisting on burying the body in an honourable way.  She disobeyed and gave him a proper burial, and for this she was sealed alive in a cave.  The story inspired many writers, composers and painters, among them Sophokles, Jean Cocteau, Bertohlt Brecht and Racine

Nameday: 1st of September.
Antigone is a very dependable and reliable person. She takes full responsibility of her actions and she is very loyal to family and friends. She is usually following the rules, even if they suppress her feelings and beliefs.

Antigoni's story & photo gallery

October 10 2012
Dear little Antigoni has been spending a lot of time lying down over the last few days.
We have had advice from our GAWF Outreach Vet Elisa on medication and diet, but at the great donkey age of 46 years old Antigoni is doing very well and we wish her many more health, happy years with us here at the sancutary !!
Here she is getting a hug from Fanis

Our little rescue donkey aged 45 yrs, a great age for a donkey, came to us in May 2012.  She was a wedding present as a foal and now has come to retire at our sanctuary...

05/2012: Our new little rescue donkey aged 45 yrs, a great age for a donkey, she was a wedding present as a foal and now has come to retire at our sanctuary...
On our way to bring Antigoni home we pass through the breathtaking Kourtalioti Gorge on the South Coast of Crete....the holes in the sign are bullet holes, a South Cretan tradition... :-))Fanis puts her onto the trailerand her friend the ram comes too, his name is Bebe...home at last !!.... the molting Kleo welcomes our new donkey while the ever shy Pandora watches from a safe distanceWe welcome with love our beautiful new girl Antigoni ♥06/2012 : our 21 month old grandson Haralambis loves having a ride on a donkey, today he chose Antigoni...with a bit of help from Papou Fanis, of course..
July 31 2012
Because some of our donkeys are quite shy, we thought it would be a good idea to have a "Donkey Of The Month". This way, all of our fans & supporters will get the chance to get to know ALL the donkeys and not just the greedy & nosy ones ;-) August is dedicated to our latest rescue Antigoni (May 2012). She's a little donkey aged 45 years, a great age for a donkey, and she was a wedding present as a foal and now has come to retire at our sanctuary...

September 1 2012
Χρόνια πολλά/Happy name day to all the Antigoni 's, Pandora's, Cleo's & Pinelope's
R.I.P. In Memory of Antigoni

In May 2013, our beautiful ANTIGONI, in her 48th year, went to the rainbow bridge…   She wouldn’t eat her supper and was very shaky on her legs.  We gave ger a leg massage, an injection and some chopped up Apple but nothing helped.
We are very grateful to all who sent many wishes of love and strength.  Antigoni is resting in her stable, the herd went to say their farewells.  She was buried with the other Donkeys in the field behing the Sanctuary.  You will always be missed sweet Antigoni