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Anthoula meaning and name origin
From the Greek Ανθεια (Antheia), derived from ανθος (anthos) meaning "flower, blossom". This was an epithet of the Greek goddess Hera.

Origin of name

Nameday: 15th of December
Anthoula is typically of Greek origin. She almost always has brown hair and definitelly has very dark eyes. They tent to be very flirtatious. Although Anthoula has good intentions, she tends to mess with her partners' hearts, but this is nothing to worry about. Anthoula's are usually indecisive, but they always decide to do what's best not only for herself but for others. Anthoula is nonetheless the goofiest, most easy going  you will come across.

Anthoula's story & photo gallery
Not long after her arrival at AMDR,  Anthoula's tooth flared up and she developed two very large abscesses on her right cheek.  She was unable to see out of her right eye and may have lost the sight altogether. Today she's enjoying her retirement.  Anthoula is not a very sociable donkey... she keeps to herself and hasn't made any friends yet. Each time we go to stroke her she cowers away, this is often a result of years of beatings but with patience and treats like sweet biscuits we're making progress

June 26 2012
Anthoula, ears laid back was just not in the mood for smiling in this heat, not even for an apple or a carrot...

Anthoula...Anthoula is unwell today, she has a rotten tooth which has developed into a large abscess on her cheek. The vet is coming later to take it out...Anthoula is not a very sociable donkey, here she is hiding behind a tree.. she keeps to herself and hasn't made any friends yet. Each time we go to stroke her she cowers away, this is often a result of years of beatings  but with patience and treats like sweet biscuits we're making progressAnthoula, today is feeling much better and happier the abscess left a hole on her cheek the size of a walnut. I have put a fly bonnet on her to keep the flies away, it really helps the healing process. I'm still giving her twice daily needles which the poor old girl really hates :-((

Dear old Anthoula who, next to little Olive, is the eldest donkey in our herd, here she enjoys the warm spring sunshine on her tired old back 
Before Anthoula (Blossom) came to retire at our Sanctuary this little donkey spent her whole life carrying loads of vegetables from her village of Klima...04/2012 : Anthoula, on the left, after many months of treatment, love and care, she has gained weight now, grown a lovely thick coat and is making friends with the other rescue donkeys in the herd....
December 15 2012
Χρόνια πολλά/Happy name day to our beautiful Anthoula & our handsome Lefteris ♥

Latest news on Anthoula
January 1 2013
Here's our donkey of the month January, ANTHOULA.  In the summer of 2011, Anthoula was very ill with two large infected ulcers on each side of her face...her owner would not give permission to our GAWF Outreach Vet Team to extract a badly infected tooth, the tooth fell out eventually but left Anthoula very ill, extremely weak and with a very bad temperament and bit the other donkeys in the herd. When we rescued her she was given a course of medication and soon regained her strength...

poor Anthoula having an off day...she was in so much pain from the ulcers but luckily is past all this and is a happy donkey nowadays Anthoula's owner was an elderly widow with a severely handicapped daughter & worked to put her son through Police Training School in Thessaloniki, here in Greece there are no benefits for widows.The son graduated 2 yrs ago and now supports his family, and Anthoula was no longer needed and came to usOur donkey of the month ANTHOULA wishing all our friends & fans a goodmoring/καλημέρα & a wonderful week/Καλή εβδομάδα
This is the typical "ears pinned back" pose from our donkey of the month ANTHOULA ♥ The children/grandchildren have nicknamed her Grumpy ;-) She probably hasn't got the most fondest memories of humans but is already so much more confident and sweeter then when she first arrived...
Anthoula gets a special grooming this morning for her 'godparents' all the way from Austria...
Here's our Beautiful Donkey of the month ANTHOULA wishing everybody a wonderful week/καλή εβδομάδα
March 22 2013
Anthoula this morning enjoying munching on a selection of spring greens....

June 2013 - To shave or not to shave…Natural removal vs clippers
Donkeys are slow to shed off winter hair. Here in the South it's sometimes June/July before they start. Instead of shaving the old winter hair, we believe it’s better to get some stiffer brushes and a curry comb to loosen up the hair and help with the natural removal. They will enjoy all the special attention and grooming is great bonding time. In this heat, shaving a donkey could cause sunburn. They need hair for sun protection & bug protection. Also, by shedding their hair naturally all the hair will be removed from the root on while when you shave, the root will stay in there which can cause serious itching. Most of our Donkeys (like most dogs too) LOVE being hot. They can just stay out in the sun in the hottest part of the day, enjoying the rays on their old bones ;-). It might be easier and faster to use clippers but when you put some extra time and effort in brushing, the result is so rewarding
It has been a very sad and stressful past month at the sanctuary, Iason ( Jason) fell during the night and although we were able to get him up his legs were too weak to carry his weight...Our dear old donkey crossed the Rainbow Bridge this evening and is at peace now.   Iason was left tied to our gate some years ago by the local donkey dealer deemed 'unsaleable' he was a skeleton of a donkey but thrived here, he was a gentle soul and dearly loved by all who knew him... Iason you will be very sadly missed.  While we are all still mourning the sudden passing of our beloved Iason Ariadni was in a critical condition after a suspected stroke, Anthoula was also still unwell and causing us a lot of worry but Afroditi and Talos seem to be bouncing back after a lot of TLC ( tender loving care ).  A couple of days later, another of our 'Golden Oldies' has crossed over the rainbow bridge..our beautiful Ariadni collapsed on a Tuesday after her suspected stroke. Despite all our efforts it was her time to leave us..Ariadni spent two happy, healthy & peaceful years here after her previous owner had threatened to kill her.   And last but not least,  our Anthoula/ Blossom has gone to join all her friends at the Rainbow Bridge, she ate some apple this morning then lay down in her stable, we tried to help her up again but it was not to be. At 16.00 closed her eyes and breathed her last breath while we talked to her and stroked her head....R.I.P. sweet little donkey.
It's been such a sad month for us all. Fanis spoke to a wise old Cretan Shepherd last night who said ' Just before the short but cold Cretan winter Mother Nature takes many of the old & sick animals away so that they will not suffer anymore '