Alexandros story & photo gallery

Summer 2019: A small elderly donkey was wandering around a nearby village, lonely, hungry and thirsty.  A kind elderly lady living in the village took him to her garden where she fed him and gave him fresh cool water.  The lady asked around to see if he belonged to anyones, nobody knew who he was or where he was from.  We were asked of the donkey could come and live here at the Sanctuary and as always, we said yes.  When he arrived here he was almost identical to Alexandra, a small donkey recently rescued from Hersonissos, so we decided to call him Alexandros.  
Alexandros is settling in very wel, he loves the freedom of the field, lot's of friends and good food.  He has a sweet nature and is very friendly.

Alexandros meaning and name origin

Alexandros is a very common male name in Greece, found in both mainland and the islands. It is a compound word, deriving from the words “alexo” and “Andros”, which, in ancient Greek, mean “hold off” and “of man” respectively. The name Alexandros was used in Ancient Greece both as name and an epithet (adjective) describing a person who is unbeatable. Alexandros meaning and name origin. According to the Greeks the name was used as an epithet or title for Goddess Hera, due to her fearless and strict character. Even Homer uses the title to describe Paris, so he was refered to as Paris Alexandros. The popularity of the name spread throughout the Hellenic World due to the conquests of Alexandros the Macedonian, or else called Alexander the Great. Since then, many Alexanders in other countries, especially of Slavic decent, were directly named after him. The name Alexandros has been used by kings of Scotland, Poland and Yugoslavia, as well as eight Popes.

Nameday: August 30

Alexandros is a brave man, he is not afraid to work hard and achieves most of the goals he sets. He lacks imagination but can succeed due to his strong will
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue
arriving at our Sanctuary
relaxing after coming of the trailer
Being chased by the "girls" who are very interested who this new gentleman is
Alèxandros had a complete ' makeover' today..
many thanks to our wonderful helpers Sofia and Sue for helping me today.
This thin elderly little donkey found wandering in a nearby village earlier this week with a badly infected eyes, legs raw and bleeding from months of fly bites, and a wound on his