Alexandra's story & photo gallery
Spring 2019: Alexandra is an old donkey who lived for many years as a tourist attraction next to a luxury hotel.  There was another donkey with her, Manolis, who was also very old.  Sadly Manolis died and Alexandra was left alone.  She was sad, stopped eating and stood with her head lowered.  The owner was a kind man who rang us and asked if they could bring Alexandra to the Sanctuary where she would have many friends and wouldn't feel lonely anymore.  She has been with us now for just over  a month and started to eat well, has been checked by a vet, a farrier and a donkey dentist as her teeth were in very bad condition.

Now she is feeling much better and much hapier too?  She loves to greet visitors and receive cuddles.  We hope Alexandra will be with us for many years to come.

Alexandra meaning and name origin

Alexandra is a female Greek name, the female version of name Alexandros. Alexandra is a rather common name both in Greece and abroad and a rather historical name, associated with Alexander the Great. The word Alexandra is a compound word, deriving from the words alexo” and “andros”, which, in ancient Greek, mean “hold off” and “of man” respectively. Name Alexandra – as name Alexandros – refer to someone who is unbeatable.  Although Alexandra comes from the words we mentioned above, the name for the Greek Orthodox Church is basically associated with Agios Alexandros or St Alexander in English. Read more information about the history of the name Alexandros and the story of Saint Alexandros

Nameday: August 30

Alexandra is usually quite extroverted and open minded, with lots of friends and acquaintances. She is good at her job because she is very persistent, and she can earn respect and acceptance easily both in her family and work environment.
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue
after a couple of weeks, Alexandra started eating and socializing with the other donkeys
she loves cuddles